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Thank you, the best tractor for my machine and I have tried plenty, well done, thanks again

on Deleted
2 years ago

Well done Wobby, I have looked your other versions, this is the best, in fact in my view it is now the best CLAAS XERION 5000 mod

on The Western Wilds
2 years ago

found and collected all 20 nuggets

on The Western Wilds
2 years ago

A great map, well done, my PC runs cool with it, I'm playing on a Surface Pro 8 i7, and it should not run on this machine, I have set the map for crop/grain harvest, still got some trees to plant to take the plainness off. I have divided the map into 12 easy harvested fields, apart from one field they are all a similar size, one for each month, lol. I have enjoyed your map, Thank you for all the effort you have put into it. I have not mastered the train and all the gold yet, I will beat them, all in the fun