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Breisgau County v 3.0

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2 weeks ago
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latest Version v 3.0 5 days ago

Version 3.0
- Many bugs fixed, log is clean now
- Installed harbor and some new buildings
- made everything a little prettier and many small improvements that I can't even list all of them

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Version: v 3.0
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Latest Version v 3.0
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4 days ago

This map has potential, I like that the port has been added. Only it is so that there are many errors, floating houses, cars and trees. The catapult is at the port in the wrong place. I noticed that no matter with which difficulty level I start, that everything is already there vehicles, BGA, stables, own productions. This should be removed .starter vehicles only in the easiest level ! Everything else makes no sense, I would like to have the opportunity to determine what, how and where I build and produce. This map has a very good approach for the singelplayer area, but it should be thoroughly revised, then please without log errors, which it currently still has. Here again some things to see _

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4 days ago

Although it is a beautiful map, it looks like you just want to get it out quickly. I find it pretty loveless made. Fences where you can drive through at the Agravis, houses without road connections and all gardens the same. Village centers without any life, road connections to bridges etc faulty.... Somehow just slapped together. No atmosphere. Since I've seen better, too bad for the beautiful map. Rather not the whole modhub zuschmeissen with mods and design something more affectionate. So that's nothing. Sorry

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4 days ago

Are not only the things..Houses are partly too high , too low , trees , lanterns hover and the log is also not error free , as it says in the description. I have played this without mod`s.

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Marco (Guest)
2 weeks ago

The train goes in circles with me all the time and I have no way to use it. Newly seeded fields do not grow out have waited 3 years and it all hangs in the first growth phase ... very sad otherwise a nice map

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Dawo (Guest)
2 weeks ago

I have discovered the following errors: Mouse pointer on the map (next to field 4). Signal light at the level crossing hangs in the air without a holder. Lanterns at the sawmill, which cannot be bought, hang in the air. Cars at the train station south are floating in the air, some are stuck in the ground. Cars at the gas station in the south are floating in the air. Parking position of cars at the small port is incorrect. Floating objects at the small harbor. You can drive through the water without problems. Floating cars and objects at the BGA. Crater at the gas station between BGA and field 13. Ground at the north train station is uneven and missing from the train track. And there are many other errors. You should urgently work on this again

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