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Push Hotfix
The change for not unfold the combine after generating a course leads to the problem, that unfolding gets stuck.
So the combine won't get unfolded with the start of the course.
Need to find a better way, but for now it is better to have the combine unfold correctly.

Push Hotfix
fixes LUA Errors with silo bunker mode e.g. #2114
fixes reverse driving tractors
fixes MP LUA Errors e.g. #2115
fix for #2113
fixes proximity sensor

Push Release
fixed a bug where combines called full unloaders.
threshold can now be lowered to 40% for auger wagons with a low max fill level when weight limit is enabled.
add option (keybind) for course editor to delete all waypoints untill the end.
fix for #2044
fix for #2045
fix for #2037
fix for #828 #1306 #2054
fix for #522 #2060
partial fix for #1949
Push Release
Added a simple collision avoidance for unloaders to not crash into the combine.
Added clear course and change course visibility action event
fix for #2003
Invalid characters for naming a course will be automatically changed to '_'
Prevent a callstack (for something with AutoDrive and Trains).
Auger wagon unload improvements.
Use the discharge node/target node distance for a more accurate pipe positioning, auger wagon pipe should not overshoot the target anymore, or if it does, it'll back up a bit
If the unloader can't discharge anymore into a trailer but has more than 10% fruit, it'll look for another trailer, or another fill target of the same trailer. This should improve how long trailers with multiple fill nodes are handled. If no other trailer is found, it will get back to unload combines.
Once done with unloading, move ahead a bit so the pathfinder has a clear view when it needs to drive to the combine.
When the auger wagon is full and no trailer around, keep check for a trailer to unload to instead of turn off courseplay.
fix for #2012 *
*INFO about AutoDrive connection:
In one of the last releases, we had a bug that after AutoDrive comes back from unloading or refilling, it will always start at the 1st waypoint.
To fix this, we did some quick changes to it, which results in a different, but for us more clear use of how it works.
We know that we should have communicated that in a better way, that was our fault.
However, here is how it is designed now and tested and seems to work just fine:
If the CP course will be driven the 1st time, CP will now always start at the 1st WP when started by AutoDrive.
If the CP course was stopped at any WP or was started by hand at any point and stopped again, that WP will be the return point (last WP), also when start by AD again.
After a save restart and AD was still driving when restarted the savegame, the last WP for CP is saved and will be used when AD comes back to the field.

Push Release
Soil Sampler works now for fieldwork
Work width detection rework for #480
fix for course start/headland and start/connecting track with offset.
Corner settings for headland is now available in simple mode, as some user requested.

Push Release
PF Help Menu fix. #1425
Combine turns off the engine, while it's raining. #1411 #1413
Fixes mp bug #1409
Combine should not be stopped by heavy sloped terrain. #1398
Can skip 2 lanes on vines for mod sprayer that sprays 4 vines. #1421
Simple mode fixes. #1414
Should fix controller input on course generator settings. #1369
New Help menu sections: General, Info panel, symmetric lane change.
modDesc description update.
Fixes a bug with the vine course generator. #1440
The translations on our side should be ready for a ModHub release now.
If you want your language translation ready for ModHub as well, now is the right time :)
We think in about 2-3 Weeks (depending on bug feedback) we plan to release on ModHub!

Push Release
Changed broken setting to 100% is off and 100% is default #1378
Bugfix for #1347 ,Vehicles on outer offset lane should start at their correct waypoint now.
Course start fix for #1365
Harvester now stops during rain and continues when rain is over.
Added an "expert" Mode, wich we contain all the settings you are used to. However, the expert mode is turned off by default.
We try to make courseplay more accessible for new players to not be scared off all the settings.
Settings that are not accessible when expert mode is off, will use their default values.
To activate the expert Mode, go into global settings and turn it on.

Push Release
fix for #1365 ,could not start copied course.
Add interface for stone picker and fuel empty / broken (AD).

Push Release
Small AI Menu and GUI fixes.
Some small MP fixes.
Ingame Help Menu added
Fore more Information, pls read #1266
Vine worker added #49 #1292
This vine worker have some conditions to work correct.
Please stick to the suggested values for the generator and the vines, written in the ingame help menu.

Push Release
Potato harvester self unload fix #902 #1079
fix unfolding baler #1239
Saves the hud start position and lane offset #1227
Turn fix for #1252
Should fix mp info texts #1220
Added user setting to disable the player mouse event for info texts #1214
Added debug channel event
Small fix for AIMessageErrorIsFull in mp
Added more console commands for dev.

Push Release
Infotext display added: #423
Added a new info text window.
With mouse click on the message, the vehicle will be entered.
While the message is hovered, the vehicle name is displayed.
Info text are finished, empty, full, fuel almost empty, fuel empty and broken down.
When the driver is released with a message, then the message is only being reset,
once a player enters the vehicle.
Added optional sowing machine setting. #1072
The forage wagon waits until it's completely filled now. #1167
Added setting to stop the driver, when the silage additive is empty.
Turn off cutter for harvesters while waiting for unloader.
Fuel save added for harvesters. #140
Add option to prefer custom fields. #1113
Small hud adjustments.
Convoy deadlock fix #1140
Another Convoy fix #1166
Fix for 180 turn offset multitool
Fixes hud play button not active, when driveToFieldWorkStartStrategy is active.
fixes #1162
Small MP fixes

Push Release
Drive to fieldwork, unfold and lower implement just before the first or last waypoint #963
fixes #1148
fixes LUA Error #1149

Push Release
Only implements with ai marker or work area will be lowered/raised. #1047
Fixed setting input text bug. #983 and partly #1060
Fixed top/bottom page icon in then inGame menu.
Turn fixes for #1041
pathfinder turns with reverse will not
lower implements too early
pathfinder and analytic turns should start lowering
implements earlier to reduce waiting for lowering
at the start of the row
Added global user setting to disable cp action event texts.
Setting values are now saved, instead of the current ix.
(Should prevent similiar issues as #908 in the future.)
Added proximity sensors for combines.
Some debug refactoring
Course generator fix for #1086
The stone picker now works the same as the giants one after the 1.3 patch.
Stonepickers will now wait until it's unloaded.
Automatic unloading also works now, similiar to the giants helper. (when you place a Trailer behind it)
TODO: Implement autodrive interface for unloading.
Fixes course rename bug. #1092
Dragging a rope behind the driver. (Convoy)*
Course generator code refactoring
Fix for #1102
Fix for #1124
*Convoy max distance caused more issues, then benefits.
So we decided to change the system again.
Now every vehicle with the same course name will watch out for the vehicle in front of it and keep it's distance.
The distance is set to the highest value that any of those vehicles have.
Advantages: - You can drive any multitool course with only one vehicle.
- No more issues in turns or islands.
Disadvatage: - The vehicle at the front won't wait any longer. (We have a plan, but that got to wait for now...)

Push Release
First multiplayer version. Please be kind, if something isn't working and checkout the wiki for a few more imformations.
Added the option to add the mod name for vehicle configuraions, as this can fix conflicts. (check Wiki for more Details!)
Resetting of settings by the hud and gui will now considere vehicle configurations, if necessary.
Invalid hud states are now invisible.
While a plow is attached, the tool offset settings are disabled. The driver calculates these offsets automatically.
Square baler are no longer slowing down. #143
AD now starts a multi tool course with the hud lane offset applied. #943
Turn ending fix #571
Work width fix #946
Changed convoy min distance to 40 and max distance to 400.
Removed redundant turn diameter setting.

Push Release
If there are headlands, make the last row overlap with the headland, and not as before, overlapping the second last row.
Add bale loader for courses, fixes #615
Field scanner improvements #837 #812
Some small fixes

Push Release
Important: had a bug which resulted in incorrectly saved courses (sorry, our bad). This bug was most likely contributing to issues like #883, #890 and #890.
There is no easy way to tell if a saved course is corrupt or not. Therefore, we recommend removing all saved courses and regenerate them with

Push Release
Headlands settings are only displayed, for numHeadlands > 0 and minor controller fix
Added clear course buttons in the huds. #791
Improved the custom field filesystem integration.
Added content box for custom field hotspots for better interactions.
Custom field borders can now be drawn on the AI Map (read Ingame Help section for more Details).
Implemented a better course saving system.
Custom fields can now be renamed.
Show selected field #794
Might fix #614
Fixes #838
Convoy fixes #776 #793 #800

Singplelayer folder was created at the wrong place and if the first folder was missing, save won't load.
Adds support for field edge courses recording in the controller hud.

Push Release
Separate fieldwork start position when creating a job. Giants target is now only to drive to a position for starting job, while the new field position selects the field and start position.
Recording custom field border. Click on the circle on the mini HUD, drive around the border and click on the red dot to stop recording, field names are automatic. The AI map shows the custom fields you created and can be selected as start position like normal fields when creating a job. To delete a custom field, click on the name and confirm.
Added CP text to our menu icons (Thanks Willi!)
Improves the input value handling for settings. #702 #703
CP settings are now in our own courseplay.xml inside modSettings folder.
Band aid to disable invisible settings in the course generator layout. #715
Mini HUD now always opens and closes by keybind, mouse can be turned off.
Right mouse click is deactivated when AutoDrive editor mode is enabled.*
Self unload a bit closer to the trailer #727
Override Giants blocked timer #704
Lands pattern fixes #30
*This is to prevent a conflict when moving AD waypoints in the editor.
Even you can use both HUDs with both mouse cursors, you have to use the AD cursor (default middle mouse button) to move the waypoints!

Push Release
Several GUI improvements and fixes
Numbers can now be typed in when clicking on the setting, 0 or invalid values will load the dafault or auto value.
Multitool course can now be created and used.
Convoy is active for all vehicles with the same coursename loaded.*
Convoy distance added, drivers will start when all with the same course are started.*
Loadingwagon can now be used in Fieldwork, but unloading only works in connection with AutoDrive (AutoDrive is not rdy yet! Watch out for new AD Version).
Hud can now be opened and closed like in FS19 (right click and (X) ), but can also changed to the Keybind only. #632
Can now switch between the controller friendly GUI and the new mini HUD in the global settings page.
Global settings page can now be accessed with a click on the CP Icon.
Mini Hud now shows working width and offsets. Reset to default when click on the text.
Limit speed around direction changes and course end #582
Keep self unloading as long as there are trailers around #347
Row end/start fix for #340
Fixes hud ui scale #676
Saves the hud position #652
Fix for #643
Maybe fixes #399
One more plow rotation fix #634
Disables mouseEvent, while a GUI is open. #660
Some other small fixes
*About the current convoy state, we will open an extra Issue.

Push Release
Turn off pathfinder turns by default #603
Drive to 1st or last waypoint with field speed #581
Implement raise/lower late/early configurable (see Wiki)
Plow rotation in turn #536
Added a simple movable HUD (see Helpmenu in the game.)
Pathfinder FPS boost (a lot less FPS drop, slightly longer calculation)

Push Release
Self unload with wide trailers #349
Some self unload and pathfinder fixes
Fertilizer Setting fix #513
Plow rotation fix #536
AI Helper Menu and Mini GUI have now seperate settings for 'start at' (Menu default 1st, Mini GUI nearest) #499
First implementation of the fold at end setting. #104
Added a few more Autodrive interface functions
Added AIMessageErrorIsFull
Some small fixes
Turn decision making refactored - see Wiki
Some Bale loader fixes
Fix callstack for #577

Push Release
Field scanner fix for sharp corners #502
Small Plow fix
Island bypass and row angle added #45 and #139
Pathfinder turn fix #461
Wait for straw swath before starting turn #437
More Interface functions for AD (not relevant for Users)
Mini GUI can now be closed with keybind #501
debug menu colors changed #281
Coursegenerator can now be closed with esc as well
Headland turn fix #520

Push Release
Some changes in the Job starting and stopping
Show course start/end on plot #191
Synchronize the cp job parameter between the in game menu and the mini gui
Turn fix and improvement for #461
Added Interface function for AutoDrive
Added the Bale wrapper *1
Added Bale Loaders *2
Error popup on course generator error #472
Added a field margin setting to generator screen *3
Articulated vehicle reversing fix #230 #329 #424
Also fixes unfold for Ropa Harvester
More turn fixes and improovements
Attached harvester fix #370
Smal translation changes
Due to the confusion about our 'mini HUD', changed the actual display keybind to a proper name. At this point a huge thank you to our translators for doing such a great job.
With the 'start at' option set to 'bale collect/wrap', and with a bale wrapper, CP will find all bales on the field and
wrap them.
For now, they just stop when full.
This generate a new field boundary (smaller or bigger than the original) before starting the actual course generation.
This way, you can overlap the field border or get more distance to avoid obstacles that are to close to the field border.

Push Release
Another fix for cotton harvester #421
Allow reverse pathfinding option re-enabled #102
Field scanner improvement #417
Set start job on first waypoint as default
Set default keybinds for open mini hud and start/stop CP Driver
Keybind for CP now also stops CP
Disable last waypoint callback for combine headland turn (fix for Claas Dominator)
Leftover reversing debugs removed #394
Another imperial unit fix for #128
Don't show pathfinder debug boxes #426
Stop chopper only if it is harvesting #411
Smal turn fix
Headland to up/down transition fix #340

Push Release
We removed the H key binding to start Courseplay, H will now start the built-in helper (or bring up the helper screen) as in the vanilla game.
To start the Courseplay helper, there is a new Action (CP Start driver) you can now assign to any key combination in the Keyboard Controls screen, we recommend using Ctrl+H.
Better corners when scanning fields #337
End of course offset fixed (again) #323
Pathfinder debug overlap box disabled
Work width calculation fix #354
Moved course display to the background behind the course generator settings fixes #343
Disabled activating Cp with default keybinding #190
Added start cp keybinding #190
Minor fix/refactor for course generator, fixes #352
Reversing tuning, might help with #378 and closes #353
Should fix #348 for now
Added imperial unit foot #128
fixes #374
No pathfinder for simple wide turns #340

Push Release
Implement lowering fix for the Ventor #237
No plow rotation for headland turns #287
Added forage Harvester support #332
Ignore silage additives for now #109
Course stop fix #323
Transition from connecting track fix for #335

Push Release
Field scanner tuning (may help with #292)
Always use AI markers for plow offset
Turn fix for #283
Wait for implements lower after turn ( #277, #288, #251 )
Pathfinder turn fix #188
Course generator fix for #263
Could fix #128
Disabled Shovel/shield auto workwidth #261
Should fix #275
Fix for percentage parameters
Course generator settings added
Combine pocket fix #284

Push Release
ATTENTION: You may need to reset your vehicles!
This is something that can happen in early development state.
Plow rotation typo for course turn fix #19
Allow more room to align implements before reversing #93
Create an alignment course to start if too far
fix for #212, #223, #227
Ridgemarker and Strawswath setting now works #147 and #114
debug info can now be turned on/off on the vehicle settings page
Connecting track transition fixes #258
More Translation changes

Several Translation Updates and fixes (Thanks to our translater!) #158
Small vehicle selection improvements in the Ingame menu.
Always selects the current controlled vehicle on inGameMenu opening.
Fixes course name in course manager.
fixes work width.
Fixes key conflict with ingame menu.
New Mini Gui.
Fix for 180 turns #169
Fix for combines with no pipes #177
3 point turn fix for #141 and #162
Update shape files by @rohne83 (Thank you!) #142
Speed setting fix and baler
Do not change the max speed setting as it is global
for all vehicles (at least as of now, later we may
add vehicle specific maximums/minimums)
Some balers work, those with wrapper may not yet. bugfixes
Several AIVE conflict fixes for #35, #61
Changed default keybinding for opening/closing course generator settings. #25
Combine pipe trembling fix #38
headland clockwise setting added #30, #72
headland first/center first setting fixed #59
Reactivate raise/lower early/late settings #7

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