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Hello dear community,
So friends of the sun
I have an update for you just in time for the after-work beer
I have made some changes to the layout of the monitors,
and you can look forward to a new monitor for the tire pressure system
And for the IC lovers among you I have even provided a little refreshment (tip: beer bottle via Interactive Control)
Thanks go to FarmerAndy who brought me the beer
I hope you like the "facelift" and enjoy it in the game
I am presenting you my first project, which consists of an MF8S. I tried to create an alternative to the large tractors with this tractor.
For those who don't like crawlers or articulated steering and still need a little more horsepower.
But it is also possible to use it normally, with the standard engine configurations. (See description below for details)
The tractor is a WIP (work in progress) and will receive further updates over time.
I plan to set up the tractor so that HUD-free gaming is possible. Radio, engine, door, windows, lights can currently be operated via IC.
The tractor also has a new engine sound and a different horn and gearbox compared to the original.
The weight also adjusts in the highest engine configuration.
I hope you have fun with the mod
!!!This mod absolutely requires the Real GPS mod!!!
The Interactive Control Mod is also recommended
Massey Ferguson 8S 605 Limited Edition
Performance: Standard - 605 HP
Price: Standard
- Terminal with ifkOS script installed and adapted to personal preference
- Real GPS installed
- Interactive Control installed
- Color selection added
- 605 HP engine configuration + Limited Edition design installed, with a whopping 605 HP
- Tire pressure control system installed, stepless pressure selectable
- Engine sound + transmission changed
- Horn sound changed
- Many functions in the tractor available via IC and more will follow (WIP)
- Additional Cams script installed
- Windscreen wipers were removed due to personal preference (not a bug, but a feature)
My thanks go to,
FarmerAndy, BayernGamers, RepiGaming, ifko[nator] for the support and the use of the scripts that made this project possible.
And of course the entire LSFM team


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