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latest Version v 2.0.9 1 year ago

Bug fixes and improvements:
Fixed various issues with the PnH DLC
Fixed distributed load counter (counts down after each load) #532
Delete the last waypoint of a leg if it is a dead end
when an AD driver refuels or repairs, other AD drivers are immediately assigned to the harvester
Problems AD downhill in connection CP-ÜLW fixed
various problems with ÜLW fixed #575 #654 #686
In multiplayer, the vehicle affiliation plays a role in the sale of goods #39
Krone GX520 does not close flap #561
empty fruit selection in bale collectors leads to errors (selection of bales not necessary) #596
Vehicle settings (e.g. pick up & drop off) disappeared after a restart #609
Attachments do not fold when CP is interrupted #618
reduced speed when a conveyor belt is attached #673
Drescher drives with stairs to working position #679
when collecting bales with CP and driving down with AD, there were performance losses (CP-AD-ping-pong) #750
Route network for the helper.
This mod allows to record a network of routes,
to then drive a vehicle from any point to specially defined destinations,
such as your own farm, field 1 or to any point of sale.

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DB Wright (Guest)
3 months ago

I had seen a video of this McCormack Cotton trailer and was highly impressed with it as a work saver. I really appreciate your cutting through my horrible descriptions of what I was trying to find but I'm 83 years old and semi deaf among other things. I've played World of Warships for nearly 5 years and loved it and running clans but cardiologist told me I had to quit or it was not going to end well and I had open heart bypass for 4 blockages back in 93. So tried a free version of FS19 and loved it and how relaxed it made me as it reminded me of working on farms in central Illinois as I grew up and often being on tractors for over 24 hours straight. But having hiccups along the way on how to do stuff. The other day I had a massive fight with 2 of the rope tow lines and for 2nd time one escaped me and has never been seen again. So thanks from the bottom of my old heart for your kind assistance on this and I wish you the very best. Dave

Matze (Guest)
2 years ago

Runs already very well I think. One thing I noticed, however, in the 19er is the downhill driver after refueling from the thresher a piece backwards driven, this function is still missing, so it comes when refueling from thresher more often to collisions.

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